Say goodbye to supply chain blindness.

iON-SUPPLY CHAIN is a cloud-based, proprietary production monitoring and tracking system that combats the high costs and surprises associated with late deliveries and incorrect shipments.

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iON Helps Buyers of Goods

iON is the only Supply Chain Radar™ system which enables buyers to see the status of their orders in each of their suppliers’ (and subcontractors’) factories and production lines.

iON enables buyers to avoid costs and delays due to avoidable delivery surprises and mistakes which ensures that buyers receive: The Right Products @ The Right Time.

Avoid Costly Supply Chain Risks

Two of the most critical and financially harmful pain points in the supply chain include:

Exorbitant air freight costs

Avoid costs associated with 11th hour delivery surprises, due to expediting the delivery of goods that were supposed to ship by boat.

Production line delays

Avoid delays stemming from either late deliveries or “wrong” deliveries (where the products that arrive are incorrect and are not the same as ordered).

About iON Supply

iON is a First Mover in Factory-Level Supply Chain Tracking

Most tracking companies monitor goods the moment they leave the factory. Subcontractors and suppliers as well do not utilize internal production line tracking solutions because they are expensive, complicated and often functionally deficient.

The resulting network effect of interconnected companies reduces late breaking supply chain surprises and enables proactive risk mitigation through transparency among all the relevant stakeholders.

About The Client Experience

Our Clients Are Often Seen Jumping for Joy Outside

iON enables customers, suppliers, and supporting service companies to exchange and monitor the production details of goods associated with each purchase order.

Companies that source products from multiple providers get a fully integrated ecosystem to interlink all its stakeholders (including its network of suppliers, customers, customs brokers).

About The Team

iON was founded in 2018 by seasoned supply chain executives from a diverse set of industries that all continue to suffer from the same problems: late supplier deliveries as well as deliveries that were not “right” - inducing both torturous air freight costs, missed deliveries and production line delays.

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